Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank You Disney Podcasts

My dad's doing very well, and hopefully will be leaving the hospital on Thursday. Physically he has made great strides, but he's been stricken with what is called "sundowners."

At night, when the sun goes down, he gets disoriented and his brain creates an alternative universerse that he lives in until the sun comes up. Last night we seemed to be taking orders at the weekly church hot dog sale, and then making deliveries. Some of it is funny, but it's tough when I know he should get some sleep, but his brain won't let him.

When he's dozing (15 minutes out of every hour), I listen to Disney podcasts, Disney music and BNL music on my iPod. Since my routine right now is so drastically different than my real life, listening to the podcasts -- the familiar voices, the "escape" to attractions, the BGM as podcasters are walking thru the parks, hearing forum friends' names mentioned -- is my connection back to normalcy.

Normally Disney is an escape from my real world, but right now it's also an escape back to my real world! If only my dad's brain would take him to Disney World tonight -- now that would be a fun version of sundowners!

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. It's been a great comfort to me this week to know that my Disney friends are pulling for us!


Basil said...

Deb, I'm just getting caught up on the last few days of posts. Please know that you, your dad, and your family are all in my prayers.

Matt said...

I'm SO glad that he's alright (minus "sundowners"). Continued prayers for you, your father, and your family.

Rae! said...

Ok Sun Downing can also be caused by him being allergic to something they are giving him. Some times the pain meds will cause that too.
I am so glad he is doing really well, and getting him home will help too.

MikeF. said...

Glad to hear he might be coming home soon.

Chris said...

Keep the faith, Deb! We're all thinking about, and praying for, you and the family!