Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Reason Not To Run On Grass

I'm in NC, so I headed to my favorite neighborhood park today. It has a great winding walking trail through the edge of some woods by a small stream. And it was 74 degrees and sunny today. Perfect!

I did a two-mile walk, and then a one-mile run. It was great to be outside after spending 24 hours at the hospital (more below).

At the end of the trail, I continued walking up a hill to the park area where the tennis courts and picnic areas are, but there was no sidewalk up the hill, so I walked up on the grass by the driveway. When I got back to the trail to head back to my starting point, I realized I had a little tiny sticker burr in my shoe -- it got in thru the mesh on top of my shoe!

Luckily it was a small one, and fairly soft, so it didn't bother me enough to have to take my shoe off and get it out and get my shoe back on. So no running in the grass at the big race!!

My dad's surgery went well, his recovery room time was good and he was sent to a regular post-op room, not the ICU. So -- so far, so good! Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts -- it really makes a difference!

He's still got a painful, hard week ahead of him. And I'm sure we'll be faced with some unexpected setbacks this week -- that's to be expected with health situations. But we're trying to focus on the good things, and keep looking forward.


caballerofan said...

Happy to hear your Dad is doing well following surgery.

Continued prayers for you and yours.


Matt said...

That's so great to hear! I'll continue praying for his recovery.

P.S. I hate "stickers"!

MikeF. said...

I'm glad to hear your Father's procedure went well and that he is not in the ICU. I also will continue my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Deb - in case I didn't mention it before, I've been keeping your dad in my thoughts - Amber and I are both hoping for a very fast recovery.


DisHippy said...

I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing OK. I've haven't been around for a while, I didn't even know that he was going into surgery. I feel bad. But, I'm glad to hear that everything went OK and he will be out and at home before you know it.

Rae! said...

I am glad your dad came through just fine. Now on with recovery!!!! Give yourself a great big hug from me.
Good job on the miles and stay off the lawn!!! LOL :)

MikeF. said...

Stay off the lawn your crushing my grass! You crazy kid you! Sorry could not resist. Just checking in to ask how your father was doing? Hope everything is still ok. He is in our prayers here in Rochester, NY.