Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do You Remember ... Tarzan Rocks

Tarzan Rocks was one of my all-time favorite stage shows at WDW! It was in Animal Kingdom, in the Theater In The Wild, which is the theater that now houses the Finding Nemo stage show.

My favorite thing about the show was the monkey rollerbladers! They were so cool, and so fast. The stage had ramps that went off to the left and right, and then up onto and across the upper level of seating. They would take off and zoom 360 around the theater! If you were seated on the front row of the upper level, it was quite a breeze they created!

They also had ramps at one point in the show on the middle of the stage, where they did various stunts, flying up and over each other, crossing in the air. Fabulous!

The Tarzan/ Phil Collins music was great, and the show featured a "rock" band that sang all the songs and hosted the show. Although it was that "loungy" kind of rock, it was still a nice change of pace, and the performers had great voices.

The show retold the movie story in 30 minutes. The arena was open air, with a netting-type covering on the roof -- very jungle-y.

Although I like Nemo, I really do miss Tarzan Rocks! It was a really great show!


Basil said...

I definately remember Tarzan Rocks, and it was a great show. I'm more of a Finding Nemo fan, but it's too bad there isn't room for both at A.K.

Rae! said...

Yes we miss the Tarzan too.

MikeF. said...

Was never really a fan of the show. I have not yet had the opportunity to see Nemo yet. I will at the half. I do though have the sound track to FNtM." In the big blue world".

caballerofan said...

Never saw Tarzan Rocks. When we were in AK back in 2002, it was showing on a different day than the one we found ourselves at the park.

I liked Nemo more than I thought I would. I was concerned that the puppeteers would distract from the experience. In truth I feel they actually enhanced it. It was not too much of a leap to use the emotions portrayed on the actors faces and relate it to the characters. I was very surprised by it.

Matt said...

Sadly, I never saw Tarzan. We waited in line forever only to be turned away. That was the closest I've ever been to it. I'm planning on seeing Nemo during the marathon.

DisHippy said...

I do remember that. It was one of the first things we did the first time we went to Animal Kingdom. I did enjoy it as well, I think that was an underrated movie and I thought the show did a good thing for it.

Craig Wheeler said...

My wife will say she hates it. I didn't think it was that bad but I wasn't too impressed.

How many times can someone sing You'll Be In My Heart in a 30-minute show???!!!??? That's all I remember...hearing that song and seeing the rollerblade guys.