Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Success Leads To Changes

I was successful at finding a new part-time job! I'm going to work at a local bank as a part-time teller, something I did at the very beginning of my work career and really enjoyed. The only thing different now is that the computers are faster, and everyone in a bank including tellers are expected to sell -- in the old days we just had to be friendly!

So I learned a few things in the last few months -- some good, some bad!

The first thing I learned again, the hard way, is that I am a stress eater. All those pounds I lost last year training for the Half Marathon have come back with a vengeance! So I am trying to get going again, with the gym and running. I'm hoping it won't be too hard once I get into a routine with my new schedule and it's close to spring here in Michigan. And I'll also join Club 8 with some seriousness, not just for the fun of it!

The second thing I learned was that hourly retail jobs are pretty hard to come by. I originally was just looking for a job I could do at night and weekends, which would be easier than juggling two daytime jobs. I didn't apply at a ton of places, but never even got a nibble.

And the last thing I learned -- finally, in my old age -- was to listen to my mother!! If only I had done that years and years ago, I would be a lot better off in a lot of ways!! So this time, when this big change came along in my life, I decided I would do everything she suggested. So when she said try some banks, I did, and boom, success! Needless, to say, she will be very happy to say "I told you so"!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Your Library

I'm at a local library today -- not my town's, which is a little small. But one that's two towns over from me. And boy, is it a cool place.

I haven't been in a library for 10 or 15 years, and I had forgotten what wonderful places they are! This one is fairly modern and medium high-tech. But it's got a lot of tables, study rooms, carrels, and computer stations. And loads and loads of bookshelves and books!

It brings back the feelings I had when I was younger, of possibilities and knowledge and quietness and studiousness and learning. Ahhhhh.

When I was little, growing up in Concord, NC, our local library was in an old, two story, white, small Southern mansion. It was donated to the town by the Cannon family, of the Cannon towel/textiles fame. It had old, creaky wood floors and lots of small and medium sized rooms full of old wooden bookshelves and what seemed like millions of books! And since it was an old house, full of mostly old books, it had an old smell -- not unpleasant, but a very specific antique smell.

When I was little, I went straight for the Nancy Drew and "You were there" young history books. Later I grew into biographies and fiction, and the taller bookshelves.

Now, sadly, that old house is gone and the library is in a new, nicely modern building. I still remember that old wonderful, magical place every time I drive by the corner it used to sit on.

But back to today. I'm looking for a part-time job, and am here filling out apps online. At home, there are distractions and cats that need something every 12 minutes. So coming to the library is working out great for me.

And hopefully, I will get a part-time job soon, and then I'll be able to come to library for fun instead of work!