Saturday, April 5, 2008

Moon Pies and Cheetos

So I'm in NC hanging out with my dad while my mom is visiting her sister in the DC area. Since we're baching it and I don't really cook, we're eating out once a day and mooching off my brother and sister at their homes.

A year ago, my dad had an emergency, almost life-ending surgery and then spent a month in intensive care. He's doing well, but his goal for the last year has been to build his weight back up. That means lots of snacking, and co-snacking by the rest of the family to encourage him to snack!

And that's where the moon pies come in. After returning from a lasagna dinner at my sister's, we sat down to watch Carolina play in the Final Four. After a few commercials, off he went to the kitchen and then I heard the dreaded question ... "want a moon pie? they are really good."

Well, I really didn't want a moon pie, but there is that co-snacking thing, so I said yes. (Luckily I live in Michigan, so my co-snacking is occasional.)

Now Cheetos are another story -- I am always happy to eat Cheetos, and that is one snack food that is always in my parents' house, 100% of the time. So yes, I've now had Cheetos (small portions, at least) for four days in a row. Only two more days to go before I go back to the no-Cheeto zone that is Michigan!

[Five workouts in five days so far, for the April challenge]


Matt said...

I Love Moon Pies!!! I haven't had one in years though. You've put me in a mood now! Do they have Moon Pies in Michigan? I've been up there many times but I never thought to look.

caballerofan said...

Never had a Moon Pie. Is that liek a chocalate covered grahm cracker with marshmallow fluff in the middle?

Glad you got outdoors. Best wishes for your run this Sunday.

So cool to see you are on ATTM this week. I have been so busy I have not yet listened, but will today. I have added you to my Skype contacts. Seems like I am adding more folks to that list all the time. I sent an invite, or you can look me up under the obvious caballerofan or Jeff W.

Right now I need to go visit the Boardwalk and see what it has to offer.

Enjoy the your rest of your trip.

Basil said...

MMMMM Cheetos!!! This week you've put me in the mood for 2 things...Cheetos and a stay at the Boardwalk. Awesome job on this weeks AATM podcast!! I was considering renting some DVC points and staying at Boardwalk either for my marathon stay or the following trip. You've pushed me over the it's a must!!

Rae! said...

I do not like Moon Pies.
I do like Cheetos.I have the Baked 100 cal. packs. They are 2 points.
Yes i understand the snacking issue.My Mom needs to gain weight and she is tiny and eats!!!!

Do you want me to hang on to the frame??

MikeF. said...

Love moon pies. Have not had one in a long time. I also added you to my skype contacts. There should be a message waiting.

Rae! said...

Deb thanks for the kick in the a??
How did you get the slide show to work?? I have been playing with it and I am dumb to it. I was going to use pics from Mouse fest and the runs we have done. GRRRR......
Great job on the the Dark Wing Duck!!!
Another dumb question what is Skype??