Saturday, April 19, 2008

Song Of The Day

It's amazing how hearing a certain song on my iPod while I'm running will enable me to pick up my pace, feel re-energized, and distract me -- for at least two minutes!

And there are a lot of lyrics that are so applicable to Team Voice, and the journey we are all on. Here's one of my favorites, "Son of Man" by Phil Collins from "Tarzan":

Oh, the power to be strong
And the wisdom to be wise
All these things will come to you in time
On this journey that you're making
There'll be answers that you'll seek
And it's you who'll climb the mountain
It's you who'll reach the peak

Go Team Voice!


Rae! said...

i agree with you!! we did 10.2 miles yesterday in 2:44!!! our personal best!!!Speed walking,not at race walk yet.

caballerofan said...

Fitting lyrics Deb. I can see how they can motivate.

Chris said...

"all these things will come to you in time" This strikes a cord with me on many levels! Trying to be patient and not over-do something as the experience will come in time. As frustrated as I get that I can't run 13.1 today, I realize that I've got plenty of time and need to be happy with the short term goals. After all, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon...or a half-marathon...alot longer than a sprint anyhow!

Thanks for the reminder, Deb ;-)

MikeF. said...

Hey Deb GREAT JOB ON THE 6 MILES!!! As per Jeff's chart you needed 6.55 miles for a Dewey.