Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Things, Bad Things

I just finished spending a wonderful week at the beach in NC with my family -- mom, my husband Dwain, sister & her family, and brother and his family. Just my dad was missing this year -- but we saw a few signs he sent from heaven to let us know he was still with us in spirit.

Anyway, it was a good week, hanging on the beach, playing games, lounging at the pool, and just being with each other.

Now the bad. I was very lame about exercise. No gym time, no biking. Just two days of two-mile runs. Lame.

I've come to realize that I'm basically a physically lazy person, who keeps trying to be an athlete!

And it's time to try a little harder!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes, I Did!

Thanks TVers, for the encouragment and challenges! Yes, I was able to do a 5.5 mile run Saturday! This time, I was more prepared physically. And I was ready for the mental breakdown and was up for trying to get past it this time. And the weather was perfect!

I felt good, the weather felt good, and the mental breakdown didn't happen until mile 5.25. And at that point, it was pretty easy to make myself keep going!

I definitely thought about you guys, and did NOT want to have to admit on Monday that I failed again. So the peer pressure helps! (If anybody else needs a dose of it, just be sure and speak up!)

I hope to have a good week of eating (or NOT eating this week) and then a good 6 mile run (gulp) this coming Saturday. So I'll probably ask for a little more peer pressure toward the end of the week! (And Mike, I'd have to feel REALLY good to jump from 5.5 to 7, so you probably have an edge on me, but I'll give it a shot!)

Thanks Team!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Weekend

Don't you just LOVE holiday weekends?!

It's nice to have an extra day to fill up. And I hope to have a good run this weekend. Unfortunately last weekend, I was supposed to run 5.5o miles. I was doing fine, but all of a sudden at 4.50 I just quit!

It was totally mental! I'm not used to long distances yet this year, so it will take me awhile to "learn again" how to fight off the "just give up" demon. But I will.

So I hope to run 5.50 THIS weekend!

Wonder if I should ask Team Voice to put some peer pressure on me?!

Okay, pals, go for it! Encourage me! Pressure me!