Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm In The Magic Kingdom!

Saturday -- time for my weekly "test run" -- and what would the day hold, after my exciting, personal best 5 mile run last week? Could I do it again?

It was a tough run today, no telling why. The first mile was normal, second mile was good, third mile was harder than it should have been. Luckily starting at 4 miles, my gym buddy showed up and worked hard to distract me from the boredom of the treadmill.

And she did a good job -- I ran 5.5 miles instead of 5.25! But boy was it tough.

I thought at mile 2 about stopping momentarily for water, like we'll do in the race. But I've been drinking water without stopping on all my other Saturday test runs on the treadmill, so I decided I really needed to keep going and gut it out.

So I did. And there was no question that I was going to finish the 5.25, no matter how hard it was. I was breathing fine, no muscle cramps, so there was no real excuse for stopping. And before I knew it, I moved the towel off the display and I had made it to 5.5, averaging a 14 min mile pace!!

And if you look at the race map, that means I made it into the Magic Kingdom backstage entrance!! Woo hoo!!!

(If you are not testing yourself weekly -- give it a try by doing a timed walk/run. I started in January by running 1 mile at 4.0 speed (15 min mile pace), and then added a quarter mile each week. Now I'm up to 5.5 miles on pace. It's comforting to know where I stand so far!)


Rae! said...

Great job Deb!!!!
You have come along way too!!!

Dewey6.55 said...

Great Job Deb! I'm all quacked up over your progress.

Just hanging out over here around Slash Mountain with your next medal.

Sounds like you'll be earning it soon.