Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Week, Finally

Hi everyone!

Like some of you, I've really been on Space Mountain with eating and exercising. How crazy was I to think that after last year's dedicated training, that this year would be easier?! Hah!

But during my recent doldrums, I didn't give up. I just tried to minimize the damage somewhat, and kept looking at each day as a fresh opportunity.

And finally, low and behold, I'm back on track, moving forward like the TTA. Eating is good, exercising is good. I did a fun little 5K run this past Sunday at a friend of a friend's college business school -- even though it was October in Michigan! Luckily, it was in the 50s, not windy, and a little bit sunny. And it was just a 5K.

I wore my tech shirt from the Disney Half Marathon. It always brings back such good memories when I put that shirt on!

If you're on the low end of Thunder Mountain, just hang on and look at each day as a new start. And one morning it really will be!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope we all have great weekends! Can I just tell you how much I would love to work a 4-day work week?! 10 hour days, but a 3-day weekend every week? I think I'd love that.

No snow yet in Michigan, but it's definitely time to fill up the storage shed and clear out the garage, to get ready for winter. Fun times as I point out to Dwain how we can stack, tuck, and pile up items in the shed, to fit everything in.

Poor guy just got back from a short Disney trip, and is experiencing that post-WDW depression. Spending time in the chilly garage may not help much.

I'm heading to WDW the week of November 15 with my sister, for my birthday. I'm looking forward to it, but am definitely bummed that I probably won't be able to squeeze in a December not-M-Fest trip. Sounds like a lot of my Disney buddies will be there enjoying each other's company.

But I guess we'll have a version of that in January, on race weekend -- so what the heck am I complaining about?!!

Clearly it's early and I'm rambling. The responsible thing to do would be to delete this post and start over. But then I'd have to try another post.

So you're stuck with this one!