Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where's Happy When I Need Him?

So, hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go. Where's Happy (of the Seven Dwarfs) when I need him?

I did get some magic in my day by listening to the "Inside the Magic" podcast with Ricky Brigante. Lots of Disney music and news! It's a great Disney podcast, and I got to meet Ricky at Mouse Fest a few days ago, so now I can picture him while listening to him -- very cool. I did not get to meet Skipper Ben, whose segments I really love! Maybe he'll be there next year?

[Hey Kate, email me at debwdw@gmail.com! And anyone else I met at Mouse Fest!]


Rae! said...

Hi Deb it's Rae!!! I didn't know you blogged!!!!! Awesome. It was so great to meet you and spend some time with you,but I would have like to hung around more.Maybe next time.
So ..... 1/2M in 2009???
Team Voice!!!!

caballerofan said...

Hi Deb,
Like Rae I was not aware you had a blog.
It was great to meet you this past week.
Feel free to stop by my blog too.

I will add your blog to my list of links.

Take care. Jeff W from Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the interview I had with Ricky on the latest ITM? I sound pretty stupid but I was very nervous.

DebWDW said...

Kate - I just listened to it today! That was one meet I was sorry I missed. I thought you sounded calm and intelligent! Good job representing!