Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rain At Disney - It's A Good Thing

Today it's raining in NC, which is a good thing, since it's been a very, very dry year. Rain is also a good thing at Disney World, in my opinion.

Only a few rides shut down for rain - Test Track is a big one. And several shut down for lightning - Thunder and the water parks.

But most attractions are still open! Buy yourself a $5 Disney poncho - unless you remembered to pack one of the gazillion that are home in your closet - and keep on going! The crowds will be down; many guests head back to their hotels.

Enjoy the short lines, find a long show during a downpour, check your favorite restaurant to see if some reservations have opened up. Tromp through puddles, ride Splash or Kali River!

An evening rain is especially beautiful - the rain drops and puddles add an extra layer of glitter and sparkle as the lights from buildings and street lights shine in the night. Choose a long ride or show at the very back of the park for your last pick of the night. Then when you come out, you'll feel like you have the park all to yourself as you stroll towards the front to head home.

Rain, it's a good thing!


Rae! said...

I like it when it rains. As long as it is not a down pour while driving. Merry Christmas!!!!

caballerofan said...

Hey Deb, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!