Monday, December 10, 2007

Mouse Fest Mania

Wow. It was a whirlwind. Five days of new faces, familiar names and VERY familiar voices. That thing we call Mouse Fest! It was very cool getting to meet podcasters I only knew thru my ears! And of course, like you'd expect, almost none of them looked like I had imagined! Most of them were more normal, more round, more young, more gray -- or just more -- than I'd expected.

It was a great celebration of our Disney fandom. Lots of meets, not much riding or shopping, and some great WDW history thrown in. I met more people than I thought I would -- Jonathan, Bryan, my new best friend Big Brian from NC, Lisa from Those Darn Cats, Jackie O and April, LOU, Jeff Pepper!, Ricky, Paul Barrie, my new best friend Kate, Rae, Jeff from Iowa, Marissa, Adam Roth & John C., Steve Barrett, the two Debs, and the extraordinary Mr. Charles Ridgway.

A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...


Very cool blog. I didn't know you were a blogger too.

I went to the Hustletini meet and got the postcard. The code is epcot25. ;-)

It was so wonderful meeting you.

TTFN said...

Hi Debra, how nice and flattering to see me counted as one of your new best friends! Very cool! I knew I'd be able to find you at the AATM forums but finding you have your own spot on the web has been especially nice! Keeping in touch with the folks you meet after mousefest is probably as neat a thing (or even better than) getting to put faces to the folks you had bumped into here and there online before,I'm so glad to "be here". sign me BFBBNC (best friend big Brian North Carolina)