Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Day!

Hey Jeff W from Iowa, we got our snow blast here today in Michigan -- a beautiful, fluffy, white 10-12 inches have filled up our deck!

Hard to believe last Sunday (?!!) we were all in warm, sunny LBV! I have to admit though, when I got back and it was cold and crisp and gray and wintery here at home, I kinda liked it! I actually was happy to get back to real weather!

Normally I like to listen to Disney podcasts at the grocery, mall, mowing the grass, walking from office tower to office tower, or when I'm cleaning or packing for a trip. But no iPod out there today while I was snowblowing and shoveling -- I was so bundled up that if the earphones had slipped out of my ears, I could not have managed to find them in all my layers!

Ahhh ... the great white North ... or, uhhh ... Midwest!


caballerofan said...

Ah, so you are now Snowy Tundra north.
I hope you did not get hit with the ice we did.
I'm ready to head back to Florida at any time.
Funny about the earphones. I have had that issue when jogging with a hooded sweatshirt. It wants to pull the speakers from my ears. Very distrating. I found that if I wear a snug stocking cap instead I don't have any trouble.

Take care. Hope you still have the snow around on Christmas morning.

DebWDW said...

Luckily, no ice!! And I'll be in NC on Christmas morning with my family -- and they would all LOVE to get snow!!

Rae! said...

Hi Deb!!!
There are no seasons here.I was in Maine A long time ago and I love going through the seasons.
Today here in Florida it is a crisp 56 this morning.It won't last long. Never does.
Next Sunday we will be traveling through NC to go to Virginia!!! When we go through we will wave!!!!!

DebWDW said...

I'll wave back!

Rae! said...

OK Sounds like a plan! :)