Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Miss The Credits!

I just listened to the December 9th episode of the Magical Definition podcast, and host Nathan Rose's interview of Chris Sonneberg, who is the Animation Director for Disney's new movie "Enchanted." It was a great interview, and Chris shared a lot of in-depth information about his animation career and details about the animation in Enchanted.

As he and Nathan were talking about my "classics" -- Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast and Lion King -- I realized how much I've missed reading the animation credits at the end of animated movies! Remember how you'd see a character, and then a gob of people who brought him/her/it to life? And from movie to movie, you'd see some familiar names? I miss that!

I'm going to see Enchanted this weekend, and I absolutely will look for the animation credits -- just like in the "old days"!


Rae! said...

I haven't listen to that show yet,but I do sit through the credits and sometimes there is a 30 second scene at the end.But yes there is a lot of people that create the characters we all love.
We were thinking about going to see Enchanted as well. Did you plan to come to Marathon weekend??

caballerofan said...

You will enjoy Enchanted. We saw it last month and I posted a review on Snowy Tundra.
See "Enchanted by Enchanted"
Lot's of nods to past Disney films and even a shot at a certain ogre at the beginning.
Be sure to listen to the background music. Especially when Giselle is by the aquarium.

Have fun!!!

Rae! said...

Hey I have put up roll call in the all about the mouse forums,and a challenge thread. What i have been doing for training is starting out with 2 miles. walk it,and time yourself.Walk it 4 times a week. Keep track of your time. Then at least once in the week try a long walk.Make it 4.And add a half mile every week. Or what is comfortable. I will put a thread up for walking too. Just busy here.

Rae! said...

I just listed the requirements over at all about the mouse

caballerofan said...

Here is a link that will take you directly to an official pdf page explaining the race requirments.

Also be sure to visit and check out the video that Kevin Yee made of his run in the 07 half. You can alos find a course map here too.