Thursday, December 27, 2007

Florida Ruined The Game

As I was driving from Michigan to North Carolina during the holidays -- and back -- it struck me that Florida ruined it for us all.

It used to be so easy. Pennsylvania was blue with yellow letters. Michigan was blue with white letters. Some northern state was burgundy with white letters. Or it might have been Maryland.

Then Florida added an orange or a palm tree, I can't remember which.

The result -- every other state in the union had to get cute with their license plates! They added water, birds, trees, airplanes, statues, tourist attractions or landscapes.

But that wasn't enough. Then every state opened it up to schools and organizations, and now there's about a gazillion versions of each state's license plates.

AND, they all are squeezing so much onto a plate, that the state's name is in really TINY letters, so we now need to travel with binoculars to actually figure out what state a tag is from.

Yes, Florida ruined the license plate game for all generations to come.

But it is a really cute license plate ....


caballerofan said...

Even here on the Snowy Tundra I do see the occasional Florida plate. For some reason it always causes my to daydream. Then I stop and think what are those travelers doing here?

I miss Orlando.

Biblioadonis aka George said...

I never thought about that one!

Very good point about the plates. Makes the highway game a lot harder to play.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

I had so much fun hanging out with you at MouseFest 2007. Hopefully I'll see you again at MouseFest 2008 or the 20009 1/2M.

Good luck with your training in 2008.


Rae! said...

You are so right!!!! Darn Floridians!!!!