Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Days and Thursdays

It's a little gray and rainy today, here in Michigan. But that's okay for two reasons.

One, we haven't had rain in several weeks, and the grass sure could use a good dose. We had to re-seed a patch in our front yard from grubs snacking on it last year, and we've been watering that spot for two months. It's nice and green, while the rest of the yard is all dry and brown. The Canadian geese think they are seeing a pond and have been swooping down on occasion.

Second, I really like rain. I like how it makes everything cleaner, and I love the fresh earthy smell, and I love the sound of it. I don't even mind driving in the rain. And, I don't mind Disney in the rain!

Yes, it's true that a few things shut down (parades, Test Track, Streetmosphere). But a lot of people usually decide to leave the parks when the rain comes. And that means shorter lines for those of us wearing ponchos!

I have two favorite rainy Disney moments. We were riding Splash once on a nice sunny Florida day, and we started heading up the hill for the big drop. Now I expected to see a bright blue sky up at the hole in the mountain at the top of the hill, but it seemed to be all gray and misty. So I thought the water effect had been turned up too high. When we were almost to the top, I realized one of those quick Florida showers had kicked in, and it was POURING down rain -- sheets of it -- right as we came out of the mountain and hit the drop! Needless to say, there was no time to get ponchos and nowhere to hide! We got drenched from the rain, not from the drop! And of course, five minutes later the sun came back out.

My second moment was when we caught the last Lion King puppet show in Fantasyland (remember that show, in what is now the Philharmagic theater?). We came out when it was over, and most of the park guests had cleared out. It had rained, so all of MK was glistening and sparkly because of the rain and the lights, and no one was around. It was wonderful walking slowly through the park that night!

Do you have any Disney rain stories?


Rae! said...

My favorite rainy day Disney story is when I went to Epcot for the 25, and Kate and I just kept getting caught in the rain. By the time we made it to the illuminations that night we were all wet even while wearing the ponchos. We had so much fun.

Chris said...

Hmmm...come to think of it, I don't think we've ever been in the park when it!