Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Big Wimpy Ten

I completed 10 miles today! That's a BIG, BIG milestone for me!

When I started training back in January, running that first one mile was hard, and getting to three was a big accomplishment. And this summer, making it to FIVE miles was huge for me.

After that, I just kept adding .25 to my run each week -- staying out there another three or four minutes didn't seem unmanageable.

Last week I made it to 9 miles, and it was a really good run. This week, I knew I wanted to get to 10, no matter how long it took or how tired I was!

This week I didn't fuel up quite enough, and I got out a little later than normal, so after 6 miles, I did a lot of walking and running and walking. But I kept at it -- no quitting -- I had to finish 10.

On the last mile, I kept saying to myself that mile 13 was going to feel like this!! HARD!!

Anyway, I'm glad I got to the big number. I think I'll stay at 10 for a little while, until I get used to how to pace myself after mile 6 -- what combo of walking and running will work best for me.

(Now I'm off to Sears to get a replacement tire for the flat one I had yesterday.)


Rae! said...

That is awesome! Doesn't it feel good to get that double number under your belt?
I am so proud of you!! You are doing so great!
Now work on getting use to that 10!

Matt said...

Sorry about the flat tire, but that is AWESOME!!!! Great Job Deb!!!

Matt said...
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MikeF. said...

Great Job Deb!!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Sweet! Well done on the 10.

Jeff said...

Thunderous Applause!

Fantastic Job Deb!!!

Basil said...

Awesome job on 10 miles Deb!!! That is my next big milestone. It must have felt great!!