Friday, August 8, 2008


Yay, it's Friday!! I'm looking forward to the Corn Run tomorrow. It will be so cool when everyones checks in and posts their times!

This will be good practice for the real pre-race night! I'm going to do a light workout tonight, have pasta for dinner, and then am going to watch the Olympics!

I love the Olympics -- in past years I've been known to tape hundreds of hours and watched as much as I could. It definitely was easier before NBC started showing it on a gazillion channels!!

I actually watch a lot of the sports coverage on CBC, the Canadian channel that we get since we live in the metro Detroit area, with just a river, bridge and tunnel between us and Canada. Their coverage is very much focused on the actual events, still with some background stories, but not near as much fluff and commentary as on American television. You see a lot more action in the same amount of time, and you actually see MORE than the top three athletes in a sport. For skating (yes, I know, Winter Olympics), for example, you actually get to see 12 skaters in medal round, instead of just the 3-4 that NBC covers.

My favorite sports are the lesser-watched ones which are tricky to find. I love synchronized swimming - amazing, canoe and kayaking - very cool to watch, rythmic gymnastics - you know, the ball and ribbon routines, cycling - good, although not as good as the Tour de France, trampoline - what a weird sport, and rowing - I LOVE rowing.

Of the big sports, I'll watch swimming, diving, gymnastics and the triathalon.

I will probably catch some track, but won't go out of my to watch it. Ditto for archery, beach volleyball, equestrian, pentathalon, table tennis, and volleyball.

I will NOT watch wrestling, weightlifting, water polo, taekwondo, softball, soccer, shooting, sailing, judo, field hockey, fencing, boxing, basketball, badminton and baseball. Sorry!

Maybe we should all add NBC's Olympic theme song to our iPods to inspire us!

Good luck on the Corn Run everyone!!


Matt said...

The only two things in the olympics that I always watch are the opening and closing ceremonies. I haven't missed either of them since '92.

I'm more of a Winter olympics fan, so I'm not really looking forward to anything in particular. I may watch some of the judo, fencing, and some of the swim meets.

Rae! said...

I like watching them too but China went out of their way and forced people out of their homes to have the Olympics there.

Good luck on the Corn fest !!!!
Don't be nervous just think of it as a short Saturday run. I can't wait!!!!