Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miss Me?

Did you miss me? I've been out of sync for the past few days. I had a terrible 8-mile stroll on Monday, sporadically poor eating for several days, and I skipped the gym last night.

I have a million and one "good reasons" -- i.e., excuses -- but I won't bore you -- or me -- I don't even want to hear them. Unfortunately, it boils down to lack of mental toughness, doesn't it?

So, today is a new day. A new day of food choices, a new opportunity at the gym and a chance to get back on track.

So I will give it my all, and I will get moving again, starting today!


Rae! said...

So what have you been doing???
Need a shove off the couch??

Matt said...

Welcome back Deb!!! We've missed you!!!

MikeF. said...

Hey Deb it's good to hear from you.