Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Corn?

I just finished my first 10K ever, and I'm so happy that it was the 1st Annual Corn Fest Fun Run (I really should learn the right name)! Thanks, Jeff, for creating such a super event for us!!

My goal was to finish with a per mile average of under 15 min-miles -- 14.99 would have been okay. I finished in 1 hr, 26 mins, which averaged out to be 13.8 min-miles. I was very happy with that, and this has been my best run in a long time!

It was definitely different than just another weekend training run. I felt pressure to do a good time. I felt pressure to not hit the wall, or if I did, gut it out. I thought about the other TVers out there running.

At times, I actually felt like a real runner! I had a good warmup, so the first mile wasn't bad. Every time I felt myself falling into my natural slow jog, I tried to pick up the pace. And every time a real runner would pass me, I would draft them -- run their pace for a minute or so to pick up some extra time! That was also good practice for improving my breathing at a faster pace.

Anyway, now I'm sitting in front of the TV, watching the Olympics with ice packs on my knees, watching for posts on All About The Corn. I also just finished a donut, and I don't feel a bit guilty about it!

The US has two finalists in the ladies medal round for fencing, so we will win all three medals in that! Also watching badminton, they do move around the court alot, but it's still a little bit weird. Also saw some ladies weightlifting, hope some of them don't fail drug tests and get to keep their medals.

Did you see the opening ceremonies last night? WOW, WOW, WOW. The technology was amazing, the segments where they and 2,008 people choreographed, and those boxes the people moved! AMAZING!!!


caballerofan said...

Great job Deb!!! Ice bags? I thought we had discussed the many benefits of a frozen bag of corn. tsk tsk tsk.

Happy to hear you felt driven. I am still waiting to hear from a few people. Good participation so far.

Basil said...

Way to go Deb!!! It was my first 10k also and it sounds like we had a lot of the same feelings/experiences during our runs today.

Matt said...

Great Job Deb!!!!

Don't worry about the donut, I'm going out for chinese tonight.

I LOVED the Opening Ceremonies last night! That was one of the best ones I've seen. I loved the torch lighting. How that torch just appeared like that was SO cool!

Anonymous said...

GREAT job Deb!!! We are ALL so proud of each other!!!


MikeF. said...

Deb great job on at the race! Thanks for the advice on my blog. I actually have been doing a lot of stength training and cutting back on outside runs a added more crosstraining on the bike. But still having knee pain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb!

Wowser. You did great. Congrats! :-)

Magical wishes,


Chris said...

In the words of our Massachusets/sub-Boston friend Heath, I'm "wicked" proud of you! Blew away your time goal and 5mos prior to the big race, simply outstanding (...Hotchberg reference).

Proud of all you Team Voicers!