Friday, June 27, 2008

The Okay Movie Ride

Wow, I last blogged on Sunday. Hard to believe I couldn't think of anything to say all week?! I'll try to be a little more talkative in the future!

I've been thinking about the Great Movie Ride. I think because I heard some ride audio on a podcast recently. It's not a favorite ride of mine - not a must-do every trip. And the seats are too stiff for it to be a good "A/C rest/nap" ride.

It sure could use some updating. Which scenes would you keep or delete? Personally, I'm all for putting some more Disney movie references in the pre-show, post-show and in the ride.

I think I'll put a post up on the forums, so we can go wild re-designing the ride!

Hope everyone has good weather this weekend, and takes advantage of an opportunity to do a long run!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Honestly, I like GMR the way it is. But, I'm also a strict purist.

I also like all the classic movie references. I wish they would add a "Gone with the Wind" scene (which is my absolute favorite movie - The music in the ending montage gets me everytime!)

But eventually they will probably turn it into the "Great Pixar Movie Ride" like they've done to everything else. Urgh...

Ok, I'm ranting so I'll stop...