Monday, June 9, 2008

Taste of Star Wars

Okay, so for you Star Wars fans, here's a few pics. I'll try to get more next weekend.

I mentioned that I attended Matt's Studio Central dinner, and that he had a SW Trivia contest for kids, and then for adults. To be supportive, I joined 8-10 people who went up to the front of the room to participate, although I did announce ahead of time that I was going to answer every question with "Princess Leia"! But that was after I nicely asked Matt if he could throw in some Harry Potter questions! Needless to say, the answer to that one was no.

Would you believe it, the real answer to the first question was Princess Leia?!! But I was out on the next question, when I could only think of one SW planet -- Endor from Star Tours!

And then about 10-12 questions later, the answer to the tiebreaker for 2nd-3rd place was "Princess Leia"!


Rae! said...

Greta pictures!!! Goofy is cool!!!! I am glad you are having a good time.

Matt said...

Those are some cute pictures Deb! Haha! I love Goofy!!! I'm assuming you're in the world? I haven't finished updating myself yet, lol.

Have fun Deb!!!

Chris said...

See my comment from yesterday....jealous! :-)

caballerofan said...

To the tune of Dixie

Oh I wish I were in Disney,
today, today

In Disney World I'd shake your hand and we would dine in Disney

Somewhere, anywhere, just as long as its in Disney.

Oh I wish I were in Disney,
today, today

In Adventureland we'd say hello and I'd buy you a dole whip.

Oh yes I would, I would buy you a dole whip

DEB I AM SOOOOOOOOO Jealous. I can't wait to get back down there.
Say hi to Donald please.