Friday, June 13, 2008

The Problem With Being Single

I meant to tell you about my last ride on Toy Story Mania last weekend. Once again, I was a single rider. On previous rides, I was lucky enough to be in line with odd-numbered families that I struck up conversations with. Then when we got on the ride, I was comfortable riding with them and we all had fun -- as if I was part of the family!

On my last ride, no such luck. I had an odd-numbered family ahead of me, but they didn't seem interested in chatting. Sure enough, I got to ride with the dad.

Now this was my fourth ride, so I was getting better. In the first game, my score was waaaay higher than his. But that made me feel bad. So during the next few games, I actually tried to miss targets on purpose!

What am I, nuts?!!! I cared about making this dad feel bad, this dad I would never see again?!

But, sure enough, I kept sandbagging until he was assured of scoring more than me!!

What a strange ride for me, and kind of a waste of valuable time. I don't EVEN want to think about the psychology of it all!!!!


Rae! said...

What a sore looser. I wouldn't have done that. :(

Matt said...

You're such a nice person Deb. I woouldn't have cared unless it was a little kid or some one "Scopa" aged.