Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trip Report - Day One

Yesterday was the first of four weekend days at WDW. So far I haven't seen Dishippy or Mongello, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

I flew in yesterday, grabbed Chik-Fil-A at the airport (yummmmm) and then headed straight to the Studios. I rode Toy Story Mania twice, with wait times of 45-50 minutes. Great ride as you all have heard! Then off to Little Mermaid and Writers Stop for a snack. I got some good Star Wars character pics. Then to Saratoga to check in, and bus to MK.

I love MK at night -- the lights, the balmy air. Hit the Art of Disney store on Main Street, then off to Philharmagic during the parade and TTA during the fireworks. (I really don't like the big booms.) Side trip over to ToonTown to pick up a Powerade for my Sunday long run. Used an FP on Peter Pan (I still do not understand my love of this ride) and then to Thunder Mountain.

Then I did something I have never done before -- Jungle Cruise at night! I liked being on the water in darkness, although it was hard to see the scenes (maybe a blessing?). We had a SUPER guide, Humberto. He was hilarious, and made some jokes I had not heard before! Excellent cruise!!

After that, a family who was on the cruise with me beelined over to Aladdin's carpets, and I followed them. We got on at about 1 minute til closing. I don't get to ride the carpets (or Dumbo) very often, since I don't want to take up a kid's spot in line. But it really is a cool ride -- now I remember why the lines are so long all the time.

Took the big, crowded bus back to SS, and tried to get some good sleep before it was time for my Sunday morning run.

[It's now Sunday morning, my 6 a.m. wakeup turned into a 7 a.m. wakeup. And my 5-mile run turned into a slow 2.25 mile run. But at least I did it, and I did get a taste of running in the Florida humidity.]

On the Master Planning Spreadsheet for today (Sunday) is Epcot and the Studios!


Chris said...

Awesome, love the live trip reports! Can you get some pics of the large overpass that we've got to run across? The one that Rae keeps trying to scare us with... :-) Other pics would be good too if you have the capability.

Rae! said...

It is the over pass that is the exit off the World Dr. Chris she said she would.
I am crossing my fingers to meet up next weekend.