Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Disney Store Is No More!

I went to the mall today to get my second replacement for my original green iPod Nano. (Long story, but let's hope third time's a charm.)

I thought I would pop into the Disney Store to see what was new -- but discovered that my Disney Store was gone!!!

How can that be? It's a nice mall that is doing very well and is full of lots of popular stores -- Apple, Aveda, Bebe, Hollister, Sunglass Hut, Macys, Lord & Taylor, etc.

My Disney Store has been there forever, since the stores were first created. It was there when the store staff were "cast members" and wore those cute sweaters and skirts. It was there when Disney Stores had collectibles, like watches and cells. It was there in the heyday of animation, when I would pre-order a VHS tape and show up at the store before the mall opened to pick it up. It was there when all the stores had a big pile of plush in the back of the store, with a video screen showing Disney movies.

But now, it's not there. I can't believe I am now in that group of consumers that doesn't have a neighborhood Disney Store. My sister's been in that group for years -- but not me -- I had a Disney Store. And now I don't.

This is not good.


Matt said...

Our's was taken away many years ago. But also, our "good" malls have been going down for a while (I won't get into why).

I went into a Disney Outlet store in Pigeon Forge and was completley disappointed. All they had was little girl stuff or High School Musical stuff. The Disney Store used to be like a Theme Park store, but obviously not any more.

I'm ranting again, sorry!

Chris said...

I thought that was the plan when they took the stores back under Disney management? They want less stores, but to make them larger merchandise-wise.... Figured we wouldn't see the "downsizing" for a while though.

Rae! said...

Disney bought the stores back and they said that they were only buying 300 back and closing the rest. SO far the both of them that are here are still open. wait I have three of them. Plus the outlet stores.
My outlet stores have good runs and sometimes they don't. Plus they know me well enough to say hi and not hiring yet. :)
And yes I can do my 30 second speed intervals at 6.0!!! I never thought I would be the fast. That is E speed. I can only do it in the 30 second intervals.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't know if they closed our store but I'm guessing that they did. It started as a big, beautiful Disney Store and slowly moved around the mall and got smaller and smaller.

I agree that it's sad.


caballerofan said...

Ours closed years ago. I miss it.

Now the closest store to me is in "the land of Andy" Minnesota. Four hours away.

MikeF. said...

Yep they closed the only one here in Rochester and the one in the hugh mall in buffalo. The only one left is in Syracuse.