Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yay March!

I'm so happy it's March. That means a fresh start with new goals for Team Voice -- and a fresh possibility of meeting the goals! (Although that goal of 1,000 sit-ups/push-ups seems pretty pie-in-the-sky!)

Yay March!!

February (and my two road blocks) are behind me.

I think the Michigan snow will still be around during March.
But that's what I'll look forward to in April -- melting snow!


caballerofan said...

We got teased this weekend with nice temps in the 40s. Then tonight the temps dropped and we have another 2" of snow.
Oh good grief look at the time. I just told my blog goodnight and here I am visiting everyone.

Listen up for a intro, I believe Brian is going to run this Friday.

I came up with a Figment idea for Jonathan finally. But it has to wait until October and Halloween. That's all I'm saying. Other than I may enlist his assistance.

Any plans for participating in any local events once your weather improves?

Rae! said...

I am glad its March too.We are having a cold front move through and it will drop our temps to about 60's.
I know the sits ups are high but I had to make it a challenge since I did nealy 150 in Feb.

DisHippy said...

It's funny cuz we just got 11 inches of snow here in St. Louis yesterday. It's lovely. But I want it to warm up too. That means less time til I go down to Disney! Woo Hoo!

DisHippy said...

I was just wondering if by chance you had the soundtracks to Spectromagic and Wishes? For some reason I don't have it and I can't seem to find it for less than like 25 dollars a cd and that's a bit too much. Let me know. Thanks.