Thursday, March 27, 2008

Strange Days

It sure is strange not to be able to get to the AATM forums. It's like a tree fell down on my street and my phone line is dead and I can't call my friends!

Am I the only one who is amazed that it's actually possible to build friendships via this amazing world of podcasting? Who knew?!!

We are going to have such a GREAT time in January talking to each other that we may actually not have time to ride anything!

(Okay ... well, we have to ride Toy Story Mania ... and there are some Splash Mtn fans ... and there's a certain Team Voice member who has to ride Haunted ... okay, so we'll talk in the queue!!!)

March miles: 53.75

Situps/pushups: 1,035

Personal best run: 4.25, 62 mins, 15 min mile pace!


Rae! said...

I will ride everything!

DisHippy said...

I would totally ride everything. Bryan posted a thread that said that the site would be down friday for updates, so I think that's why it was in and out yesterday. I really wish that I could make it down for the Mouseguest Experience or Mousefest. Maybe something good will happen.

Matt said...

I can't stand it! Hope the upgrade dosen't take long!

I can't wait for January to come!

Basil said...

I'm amazed too at the friendship's created and the support I have received simply through the common bond of listening to podcasts, posting on message boards, and blogging. Hmmm, maybe a good theme for an upcoming blog? I might steal your idea and run with it.

DebWDW said...

Steal away, Basil!