Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Bless You Bunny

Happy Easter everyone!

My husband is retired but works at a rabbit sanctuary, a.k.a. "the bunny farm"!

It's the largest in the country, and they take care of more than 500 rabbits. About 75 of them are adoptable. The others are pet rabbits that came from Reno, Nevada and had gone feral -- too wild to be adopted, but not wild enough to live in the wild.

We sure are blessed in this country to have as many charitable organizations and charitable individuals -- like Team Voice -- who are willing to give time, money and/or love!


Rae! said...

Happy Easter!

DisHippy said...

Happy Easter. I still want to know what bunny's have to do with Easter. It's like somebody went "Jesus has risen, hide the eggs! Get the rabbit! We'll confuse him if he comes back!" lol. I just always found that kind of funny. But who doesn't love a bunny? Hope you had a great Easter.