Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Going to Disney World!!

Luckily for me a business trip to Tampa has come up, and it just happens to be more cost effective for me to stay through a weekend than to come/go during the week.

So of course I can't resist running over to Disney for the weekend!

I'll be at WDW on Saturday, April 12 and Sunday, April 13!

If anyone will also be there at that time, let me know and maybe we can say hello!


Rae! said...

cool!!!! And excuse to go to the Kingdom!!!!!

Matt said...

Ha, that's ironic! Those are the same days that were going to St. Louis. Unfortunately, the next time I'll be at Disney is during the Marathon :(

Anonymous said...

What luck! You'll get to see the flower & garden festival at Epcot.


DisHippy said...

You need to push it back to around June 3, because that's when I will be there. lol. That's awesome though. I would love to be down there and then get the bonus of getting to go to disney.

Rae! said...

Cool I would rather see you that weekend than go to the AK 10th. Let me know and I will see what the Doc says in 2 weeks.

Rae! said...

i pm you on aatm ok!