Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Las Vegas Nightmare

My husband and I went to Vegas this past weekend (Wed-Mon). It's his second favorite place after Disney, and I don't mind going occasionally even though I'm not a big gambler.

That's why you haven't heard from me in a few days.

It started out as a good trip, but quickly turned awful when we both caught a stomach virus that just about killed us! He got hit first, and I was doing the nursing thing. But then the next day, it hit me. After that, we just had two days of being holed up in the condo, sleeping, not eating, trying to keep a few liquids down. I'd wake up and the clock would say 3:00, but I'd have no concept of whether that was A.M. or P.M!

We made it back home late Monday night, and still can't quite believe how that trip turned out! We keep thinking maybe it really didn't happen, that it was all just a nightmare.

We did save lots of money -- no food, gambling or shows for two days -- just water! And I lost a pound or two, even though it's been four days since I've been in the gym!

But I want my life back!!


DisHippy said...

Well that's no good. I hate getting sick on vacation, I think anything feels worse if you are on vacation. As for you other question. We haven't been to the world since 2005 so there is a lot of stuff that I haven't seen or done yet. I haven't even done everest yet! It was still under construction when we were there. But I have some construction pictures so that is alright I suppose. I can't wait to get down there.

Rae! said...

I hope you and you hubby are feeling much better.

caballerofan said...

Hope you are both feeling better now.

Sounds like you will need a follow up trip to spend that money you saved. haha.