Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ouch ... Lesson Learned

So on Monday, in an effort to get closer to Team Voice's mileage goal for the month, I walked 4 miles on the treadmill, combo of inclined and speedwalking.

Then on Tuesday, ouch ... the knees were complaining ... and today ... are still complaining.

Lesson learned? My knees want to do 2 miles of incline/speed walking every day during the week. Then they will let me do a timed run on Saturdays without complaining.

So although I'd like to keep meeting the mileage goal each month, for now I've reached my limit and will obey my knees! I can still build up leg muscle and cardio by doing 2 miles a day inclined, which will then help me build up my on-pace mileage over time.

My knees are happy about my decision, and my left ankle is cheering too!


caballerofan said...

For me today in was my right side.
Good for you on listening to your body. Some walls are made to break right on threw while others we have to scale.

No worries well all get there. I sent you an invite on the Disfriends site. But I am not sure it went through. I have not found that site to be very user friendly.

Rae! said...

I am proud of you.Listening to those knees are the best thing you can do.

Next time don't try to increase your mileage so fast.Only a half mile at a time.You will have to work into the longer mileage.

Maybe I will work on making different goal levels so there will be no injuries.

Anonymous said...

I know that some people like the inclines but I trained all last year without them. I got that type of workout when I ran outdoors around the neighborhood. I think the artificial inclines on the treadmill just hurt and I prefer not to use them.

DisHippy said...

Hey there Deb, good job on hitting those marks. I have one bad knee as a result of a high school injury that still hurts me every once in a while. I've learned that those Aveeno Oatmeal bath soaks that they sell at pretty much every store help to lessen the pain and kind of relax it away so that's what I would suggest. It's always worked for me. Laters.

sambycat said...

hi debby darling! i found you!!!!!


DebWDW said...

Hi Lisa -- I found you too! And thanks for remembering that we had Dole Whips together at MouseFest and mentioning on your last show! I still don't get all the hoopla about Dole Whips, but I'll probably have one more next time I'm there, to see if the magic hits me!

DebWDW said...

I'll try the Aveeno, dishippy!
Kate, the inclines have heped my cardio, but I definitely found out that the higher inclines are not good for me.
Rae, I think some other goals would be good, if there are others on the Team who reach the max they can manage.