Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Week Without Podcasts

The only bad thing about going on a cruise with Barenaked Ladies was not hearing Disney podcasts for a week!

On the day we were leaving, my pink iPod mini (yes, it was very old) bit the dust! Facing a plane trip without it was a bummer, even though I did have a blue Shuffle full of music.

While on the ship, I did listen to one or two podcasts from my laptop, but downloading new ones while on the boat was a no-no since I was paying for Internet minutes, and didn't have my iPod to carry around with me anyway.

But on the ship, I was in the BNL World anyway -- Disney did seem really, really far away.

Now when I got off the ship and was forced back into the real world, I wanted my Disney podcasts -- escpecially All About The Mouse! So first thing Saturday when we got home, off I went to buy a new iPod (a green Nano this time)! Then home to my laptop and a ton of downloading, and then I set up the new Nano.

Ahhhh, I am now happily esconced in the Disney virtual world again, and life is good!


Rae! said...

I would be lost without my ipod. No movies,music NO PODCAST!!! Unheard of. :)

Rae! said...

Registered !!!!!