Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where Have I Been?!!

I've been in the gym on the treadmill!

Whose hare-brained idea was this anyway??!!!??!!

(Just kidding. I look forward to being a healthier, stronger and gutsier girl when we get to the end of this journey! And all the thanks will go to Team Voice, my gym buddy, my trainer and my hubby.)


DisHippy said...

Hey there. You mentioned Disney piano music. That's what that album is. Also, I found a soundtrack to Club 33 which is a lot of piano. If there is a way, I will try and get that to you because it's really a neat sountrack.

Rae! said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Good Job!

DisHippy said...

Deb, I was just wondering if you got my emails over the weekend and if you have listened to it yet. If so, what did you think, some of it sound familiar? Let me know and check out latest blog. Peace.