Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Last 100 Yards

The host of the Running Shoe podcast pointed out that the last 100 yards of a race are the most emotional, the most wonderful, the most magical -- okay, I embellished his comment quite a lot!

But when he said it, it did make me re-live those last 100 yards in the Half Marathon. Now I got emotional when we entered Epcot over by the bus lot -- I think because that's when I really felt like I was almost at the end and I really was going to accomplish my goal.

But likewise, when we made that last turn out of backstage and onto the finish line stretch, it was amazing. The crowds, the noise, the sight of that finish line! I actually slowed down and looked around -- who cared about time at that point!

I also had to slow to spot my parents and husband in the crowd. First I found my mom over at the fence, so I went over and let her take a pic. Then she pointed up to the grandstands and I found my dad, who was standing with both arms up in the air like me. It was an amazing moment.

Then I started a slow jog on to the finish line, still trying to enjoy those last few minutes.

This weekend, Rae, Kate, Amanda and Fiona are all running in the Princess Half Marathon. I keep thinking about how LUCKY they are to be doing another Disney race so soon! They are going to get to experience everything Team Voice did a few months ago -- wouldn't you love to be there?!!

Be sure and go to their blogs and wish them well, or pop over to the AATM forums to join Team Voice with good lucks! If you want to track them, email me at debwdw@gmail.com and I will give you the info you need to get text messages or emails during the race.

And go post on the forums today!!


Chris said...

Too true, I was pretty excited to see the finish area back in January. Was shocked and happily surprised when they announced me when coming into the finish area too. That is something that I'll always remember. :-)

Thanks for the reminder about the Princess Half Team Voice folks!

Matt said...

I can't wait to relive that moment next year! I will never forget hitting Main Street and Epcot. That feeling was amazing!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! I leave for WDW tomorrow and I am so excited.

While I didn't make it to WDW in Jan, I do remember finishing my first half at DL and I felt the same as you described!

Princess Fee said...

Thank you Deb!!! I am so nervous about the race you have no idea...will I finish? That's the big question on my lips! I was so prepared and now - with injuries - I don't know...

But I am SUPER excited!!! I leave tomorrow and this time tomorrow I should be on my way to Walt Disney World!