Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way to go Team Voice ladies! You represented well! And we were all jealous that you were running a Disney race again!!

I'm back to my once a week "long" runs to prep for the 2010 Half -- and oh, by the way, Matt has rounded up his parents and grandparents to train for 2010 also!! The Team Voice phenomena continues!

Anyway, back to my long runs. Friday I ran 1.25 miles with no knee pain! Woo hoo!! And amazingly, I actually had a few minutes of that "dreadmill boredom" set in -- and I thought running would be easier this year -- silly me! But that feeling was actually kind of welcome -- it meant I was on my way again.

Our March goals are up on the AATM TV forum and the Team Voice blog. Check it out and make it a good month of training!!


Rae! said...

Back on the dreadmill!!!
cool Thanks!!! :0)

Amanda said...

Thanks Deb!!! We would have loved to have you there too.

I'm glad to hear you're back to your training and I totally understand about dreadmill boredom. I avoid treadmills at all costs for just that reason :)!