Thursday, February 26, 2009

Then And Now

I had a great telephone conversation with my dad a few days ago. He was feeling chipper (wonderful since he's in the second year of recovering life-threatening surgery), nothing good was on television, my mom was at a church meeting and he was in a talkative mood!

Although my family is close and very supportive of each other, we never said those three little important words when we all lived together -- "I love you."

We did love each other, of course, but like many families, none of us seemed to be comfortable saying it.

But a few years ago, my mom started saying it as part of saying goodbye to me. The first time it was shocking, but wonderful! And it took me a time or two of hearing it before I could start saying it, and now it's almost easy to say.

Eventually my dad started saying it occasionally -- not as much as mom -- but enough that it also has become not strange to hear from him.

So we had a great, fun conversation -- the auto bailout, the new Ford Fusion, my cats, my niece who just got her braces off, Nascar, the beach house with the pool we rented for our annual family vacation this summer, his daily walks, a recent trip to visit his sister with extended family -- and of course, the weather! (Dads seem to love to talk about the weather.) And he ended with a "love you" and so did I.

Gotta love warm and fuzzy moments when they come around!


Amanda said...

That is a very touching and heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing it really made me smile.

I'm glad that your parents have gotten in the habit of telling you they love you - trust me you'll cherish those moments later :)!

Chris said...

Yep, that's how my family is as well. We're just starting to say it more to each other now as well. My wife's family seems to have gotten the message and has always ended their conversations with I love you. You're right though, something about the times we now face that brings out the best in family. Tough times definitley bring people together to appreciate the little things like having each other to converse with. IMHO, these times are exactly what we all needed to come back to center and believe more in faith and family than Nintendo, driving a huge car, or living in a huge house.

Thanks for the reminder, Deb :-)

On the question you left me...Nov 4-14...sooo it looks like we'll just miss ya. :-(

Rae! said...

We say it all the time even get the eye roll from the kids. I wouldn't know how to act if we didn't. Thanks for sharing. Since I registered so late for the race it won't track me.
So I can text you and send you pics from my phone.

MikeF. said...

What an amazing post Deb! I would have to say that is the post of the month! You never get tired of hearing those 3 little words.