Sunday, February 1, 2009

Training My Trainer

A funny thing happened the day after the Half Marathon ... my brother David, husband Dwain and trainer Rob all sort of mumbled that maybe they'd do the race in 2010!

With big unbelieving eyes, I mumbled "that would be great."

To myself, I thought ... unfortunately my brother David has a bad back and hip problems and hobbled around the parks that weekend ... my husband Dwain who works out like a fiend, has zero percent body fat, an iffy back and a lot of joints that are bone against bone ... and my trainer Rob is in fabulous shape but HATES running!

Luckily, my brother came to his senses when he got back home. Dwain, however, has mentioned a few times that he had a "great run" during his daily workout, and Rob immediately starting running when he got back into the gym.

The first two weeks I didn't pressure Rob about the race. On the one hand, it's a WONDERFUL experience. But, it's also a lot of hard work. And I think to get the most out of the experience, you really have to want to do this deep in your heart.

But this week, I couldn't resist bugging him. His running day was Monday, until this week, when he kept putting it off. So by Thursday I was enlisting a gym buddy to run with him on Friday, and I was talking trash to him to get him motivated!

Payback is a ______, well, you know! I have to admit it's kind of fun reminding him that running, especially on the treadmill, is mental. And reminding him that I got up to six miles on the treadmill before spring came and I could get outside. And I suggested lunges might help!

But I won't keep up the harassing. Because, as I said before, you've really got to WANT this in order to stick with the training.

Will you see Rob or Dwain in 2010?

Although they'd leave me in the dust, deep in my heart I'd love to see the big smiles on their faces at the finish line!


Amanda said...

Isn't it great that your joy showed enough to make them even think about giving it a try.

I tell everyone, "If I can do it so can you." I do have to agree with you though - you have to want to do it or the magic will be totally lost on you.

I'd drop a hint every once in a while though - keep them on their toes :)!

Chris said...

Well, they say misery loves company...Ha! Running right now in most all of our climates IS misery! Not really, but I'm almost glad that my foot injury decided to hang on till after the Disney race, but prior to spring. :-)

Oh, and I did the financial math and it looks like Lorraine and I are now 90% in for the half next Jan! Still going to wait a couple of weeks prior to signing up...but I think we're a go.

Jeff W. said...

I'd love to see it too!

Rae! said...

WOW!!!! I didn't know your trainer came with you guys!!! I would have loved to meet him and gave him a huge hug for being your trainer!!!!
I have the bone on bone in my left knee. I totally understand.

Matt said...

That's great Deb, Just be happy that you've inspired them to do something (if they do decide to do it). The same thing has sort of happened to me. Now, almost my whole family is wanting to run next year.

Basil said...

Deb, you crack me up :0) I guess what comes around, goes around.