Sunday, December 21, 2008

Team Voice Kim-municators

Just like Kim Possible, Team Voice will need to keep in touch with each other on race weekend!

We've got a hotel list posted on the Team Voice forums -- if you're not included there, post a message or send me an email ( and I'll add you to the list.

If you would like to share your cell phone number with other Team Voice members, send it to me in an email. I'll compile all the numbers that I receive, and then will send you back a master list to put in your phone for race weekend.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say don't be afraid to call around and see who is where and what they are doing. We'll all be honest if we are tied up with family or trying to rest -- but there may be times when we can hang out in the parks or hang out at a resort! So call!!

Now I haven't done the Kim Possible adventure yet in Epcot -- no time at MouseFest -- and I know the Kimmunicators are not really phones -- hey, sometimes you have to stretch in a blog!!


Matt said...

Great idea Deb! Y'all can call or text me anytime (if I answer of course ;-) )

I'll be posting an approximate schedule either tonight or tomorrow saying where I will be through the week, so maybe we'll run into each other.

Chris said...

Forget the Kim-munnicators, I want a naked mole rat like Rufus! I'm hoping you have seen the show, otherwise, that statement would just be creepy! ;-) My daughter likes to partake in a Kim Possible episode every now and then, so of course I'm "forced" to watch with her. On our trip in November we saw some actual naked mole rats over at Animal Kingdom, very cool.

I sent over my cell phone number, don't hesitate to put me on the list!