Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Mousing

What day is it? One thing about a Disney trip, it's easy to forget what day it is -- unless you have ADRs somewhere that you need to get to!

Okay, I've looked at my schedule and it appears to be Saturday. Yesterday I met the gang from the "Be Our Guest" podcast at AK's Flame Tree BBQ. They are such fun people! And we ate our food down by the water behind FT. I had never walked all the way down the paths to lower eating area, and it is really nice down there.

While we were eating and talking, one of those big white cranes walked up to our table and was eyeing my MF friend Courtney's food -- it was a little scary! The bird's head easily came up over the table, and we had a feeling it probably had pretty fast reflexes -- but luckily it finally meandered away.

I also went to Fred Block's Muppet Meets. It was a pretty big crowd, and Fred is great, and I met several people there I really enjoyed talking to. And I never get tired of seeing the Muppets!

After that was Podfest, with about 30 podcast hosts all in one place -- the Backlot Express -- and probably 70 listeners. Lots of mingling and hugging -- and recording! I met Earl and the Bleepin' Wife, and Greg and Chris from the Travelears, and Lou from Beyond Main Street.

I actually "stalked" Lou via Twitter for two days, trying to track him down to meet him. His love for his family and Disney really comes out in his podcasts, so I wanted to thank him. When I got to the Studios he was in the GMR, but by the time I got out of Mermaid, he was leaving the park!! Oh no!! But luckily he did come back for Podfest, and I did get to meet him.

At Podfest was the first time I saw Bryan -- he and Amy had arrived on Thursday night. When Podfest was over, I walked with him over to RNRC with Chuck & Leigh. They got fast passes and then we meandered back over towards Toy Story, and met up with Mikey the Errand Boy and Lauren the Errand Girl. We all just hung out chatting and clogging up the path in front of TSM, until we moved over to the bar near the Backlot Tour.

When we started moving again, I decided to pop into One Man's Dream -- always got to have a dose of Walt and history when the opportunity arises -- and then I walked back home in the freezing cold to the Boardwalk.

It is COLD here -- everyone is bundled up most of the time. The warm weather should come back on Monday, right after I leave town!!

On the training front, I took yesterday off, after my 10-mile run the day before. But this morning I went down to the gym and did a little elliptical and some weights. My right knee is still sore from my big run -- I need to remember to bring my knee brace with me in January to wear after the race.

Food-wise, I'm not doing too bad. I am eating more goodies than I do in real life, but trying to get in some green salads whenever possible.

More tomorrow!


Rae! said...

Not June Jan!!! hahaha I am glad your are having fun. Yes it is cold here. See the weather is warm then cold then hot, then freezing!!!

Chris said...

Great report, looking forward to heading down to Mousefest one of these years...prbobably won't be for a while.

Laughed about the birds at the FT, have the same experience every time we eat there. First time it was a bit scary, but have gotten used to it since. They keep their distance a bit more with the kids around as they don't like to be chased. said...

I like the title to this post (of course)