Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Time

Okay, we're getting down to the wire, and that means it's time ...

It's time to pay attention to how we're feeling physically, and make good training decisions every day. Wonky knees, give them a rest, work out the abs. Sore ankles, change to the bike.

It's time to wash our hands, avoid the mall and inch away from sick people.

It's time to get in a reasonable amount of sleep, so we can stay well.

It's time to visit the thrift store and buy some sweats, hats and gloves that we can wear and throw away.

It's time to say NO to cookies and pop and chips as much as we can, to lose a few more pounds before we have to lug them through 13 miles.

It's time to make sure our new shoes are broken in enough.

It's time to plan what we are going to eat the night before and the morning of.

It's time to plan how the heck we're going to mentally keep going at miles 10, 11 and 12!

And it's time to go post on the TV forums!!


Rae! said...

You really won't have any problems at the race. Why??
1. It's Disney!!! Come on you are running at the World!!
2. We all are going to be together to cheer each other on.
3. It's At Disney World !!!!

Sorry I got excited!

Jeff said...

Sleep? What's that? I forget...
BTW Sophie is said to be doing well. We pick her up tomorrow.