Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Good Day

I had a good workout yesterday -- three miles on the dreadmill at a 12-minute mile pace. Man, is the dreadmill a test of my mental fortitude!!

I was pretending each lap was really a mile, and imagining how I would feel on the course, and practiced talking myself into keep going when I wanted to quit!

Hope you had a good day -- let's really take advantage of EVERY DAY in December to give it our all by eating well and working out as much as possible.

Go to the Team Voice forums today and check in -- let's get some talk going!!


Chris said...

Ditto on all points! :-)

Rae! said...

Dreadmill.... you made it that is good!!!!

Jeff said...

Hey Deb,
It was great to hear you on AATM again. Perhaps you can take the co-host seat when one of the guys misses a show. You always do a great job. See you are a celebrity!

Have a great Mousefest! See you in January.