Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Going to get several rounds of snow this week. My cat Chatter is NOT a happy camper.

I think I mentioned in my blog a few days ago that I got a really strained right knee on the very last tenth of a mile in my long run at WDW. I have no idea why -- I didn't trip or stumble along the way. I was wearing my old shoes, not my new ones, since it looked like rain. I suppose that might have been it, but I had no problems until mile 9.9.

It is getting better gradually. I'm icing it a lot and trying to take elevators instead of stairs whenever possible. But it's put a real damper on my training. How in the world do I get cardio without bending my knee?!!

It will be very interesting at the gym tonight!


Rae! said...

The elipitcal. Sp??
Shirt is in the mail.

Anonymous said...


1. Keep working on that Knee.

2. We're 20 days away from arriving at WDW. And you have been an incredible teammate through it all. I can't wait to thank you in person for pushing me further and further.


Jeff said...

I've learned that from run to run you never know what to expect. Your doing great, just keep steady with any training you can comfortly do (don't over do it)and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Basil said...

Hope the knee is getting stronger. We're getting close now. *chomping on finger nails*

Matt said...

You can do it Deb! We all have faith in you!

Rae! said...

I saw on Jonathan's comments that you need some inspiration.
You are inspiration! You can run the miles I will trail behind you wogging not far. And you have knees like me and you have kept me going!
Food is always going to be hard. Holiday season is the worse. So far I have made it and not gain a pound. If I can you can too! It will get easier I promise, Isabeau swares it will.

Can you believe three weeks from today!!
After the race we can have a splurge!