Monday, September 8, 2008

Time For Another Run!

Michigan is famous for its apples, apple cider and donuts in the fall!

So, before summer ends up here and it gets too cold to run outside, let's all meet up (virtually) on Saturday, September 20 for the 1st Annual Team Voice Michigan Apple Fun Run!
It's being co-sponsored by the same folks who brought you the Corn Fun Run, our friends at

Just mark the date on your calendars, and let either me or Jeff W at All About The Corn know that you are joining us, and pick your race -- either a 10K or a 15K. Keep in mind the 15K will be a great test to see where you are in your training for the Half or Full Marathon!
After the race, we'll all toast our success with apple cider and donuts!
And Team Voice will have one more race in October, sponsored by All About The Corn -- the Children of the Corn Elevator of Tower 13K. Keep checking Jeff W's blog for more info on that.
Hope to see you at the Michigan Apple Fun Run on September 20!


Chris said...

Mentioned it on the AATC site, but I'm plotting my revenge on the 10k.... Stroller Boy v. 10k....This time it's personal!!! ;-)

Oh, and..MMMMMmmmmmmmmm cider donuuuuuuuuuuuut

Rae! said...

Did you post it on the the boards?? I will post it over on Magical Mountain too.