Friday, August 7, 2009

New Realization

I've really been struggling with food lately -- and running hasn't been going that great, but that's for another blog.

Anyway, I've been on a weight plateau for quite a while, and just in the last month or so, have been eating a little too much, and too much of some bad things. A few months ago, I felt like I was actually making progress in my quest to eat better foods long-term -- to improve my diet and therefore my health. But then the junk food started coming back into my diet.

And that, of course, is depressing.

But yesterday, a realization hit. I probably won't ever reach the point where I'm eating perfect food 100% of the time -- I don't think my personality will allow it.

So these hills and valleys are going to be a normal part of my life. So when the valley hits, I've got to just work thru it and keep trying, and look forward to the hill! And remember that each morning I start a NEW DAY of food choices, and the climb up that hill might start that day.

I also realized, not for the first time, that exercise is the key for me. The exercise really is the foundation that has allowed me to improve my nutrition and change my life to the point I am today.

Anyway, I'm going to try and remember that the hills and valleys are normal for me, and not be surprised the next time I'm down in one!


Rae! said...

Well said.

Jeff W. said...

Totally agree. Even when I am makng decent food choices I still gain weight. It always seems to come back down to the exercise.

It great to make these realizations, especially when it comes on its own. We just have to do the best we can. After all...

We're all in this together.

Princess Fee said...

Reading that was like reading a comment on my oen life - I feel like I am in the same boat. I will never eat great all the time, and I will always have to keep exercise a priority in my life!

I too have been in a plateau with my weight, but maybe this is just the weight I am supposed to be whilst at the same time I enjoy my life? Maybe I could be thinner but I would probably be miserable... Exercise is definitely the key!

You will be able to get over the hills and through the valleys - you have so much support as well!

Matt said...

Excellent post Deb. Just remember that NO ONE will EVER be perfect in this area (or any other area for that matter). Try to do better, but if you indulge in a little junk food, move on and don't beat yourself up.

You have have been doing a great job. Just keep moving forward.

Amanda said...

I completely understand as I'm going through the same thing! You've said this so well.

Realizing that you're human and that mistakes happen is really the first step in figuring out what will work for you. Forgiveness is also important- when something happens you just have to move forward the next day!

I know what you mean about exercise being key. As I've been in the valley i'vekept up some form of exercise and that has kept me from regaining all my weight back...if I wasn't working out I'd be in even worse shape :).

Keep thinking positive and doing the best you can and you'll be just fine!

Chris said...

Peaks and troughs is what I always say! Yes indeed! The key for me to reach my goals wasn't to totally eliminate the troughs, rather to minimize them. If my weakness was eating a whole back of Doritos, I'd start by pouring out a 1/4 bag into a bowl and put away the bag. Of course, then I'd make myself do some push-ups too, which helped make me feel a little better about it ;-)

Ya gotta indulge, it's part of living! Just try to maximize the peaks when your working hard, and then cut back a bit on the troughs and you'll expeiernce a net gain. Wow, that sounds like some kind of accountant... :-)

Bottom line, don't beat yourself up, actually, just the opposite. Enjoy it an remember enjoying it as it's motivating to work even harder knowing another treat is around the corner. ;-)