Monday, August 24, 2009

Even Tougher Than Last Week

This weekend's long run was EIGHT miles! And -- what a surprise -- it was tougher than last week!

It was tough physically, but that's okay, because the point of a long run is to get the feet and hips and ankles and shoulders and knees used to the pounding. And I did have a few minutes of runners high -- isn't it fun when that kicks in?!

But it was really tough mentally. At four miles, I was SOOOO close to quitting. But a few things happened. One, I had tweeted Rae before I started that I was going to do 8 -- and I didn't want to have to tell Ironwoman Rae that I had quit. (Thanks, Rae!)

Second, I got a few "signs" from my dad up in heaven. Even though he was probably on the sixth green of his morning golf game, he was still keeping tabs on me. The first sign was a runner that passed me wearing a tee shirt that said "Reach higher" -- funny, dad.

Second, one of my favorite songs about surviving cancer started playing. It's a great song, and of course reminded me how lucky I was to be healthy and able to run on a beautiful, green leafy park trail.

And right after that song was a song about a father who had been in war -- sounds depressing, but again, it's a very good song that reminds me of my dad. I can't imagine being 20 like he was, in the Army and living overseas, much less being a soldier today in war zones. How could I complain about having to run eight miles? In nice shoes, with an iPod, on a beautiful running trail?

So I laughed and thanked my dad, and told him to get back to his heavenly golf game. The rest of the run wasn't that much easier, but being open to some signs from heaven certainly got me through that bad mental patch.

The goal for next week is 8.50 miles. I really want to get to 10 miles this year by Labor Day. After that it gets a little chilly here in Michigan, and I do NOT run outside when it's cold. No icicles for me, Jeff W!


Amanda said...

Awesome job! I saw your tweet much later in the day and wondered how it went. So glad you stuck it out. You're definitely on track for the race!!!

I love signs from heaven like that. Those little reminders of the ones you love sure can help.

Keep up the great work!

Chris said...

Hey Deb, outstanding job! I love how you put it in perspective as well. I find myself doing the same thing quite often. Especially when you see these amazing people tackling challenges despite personal tradgedy. I recently watched a documentary on climbing Mt. Everest and there is a guy with two prostetic legs climbing the mountain...unbelieveable!

Chris said...

Oh, and I like your heading "Even Tougher Than Last Week" although, I think the thing that is even tougher than last week is YOU! You're tougher than both of those runs and any of the rest to come! :-)

Rae! said...

YAY!!! Glad I could help. Glup.. Ironwoman... weird to hear and say.
Awesome. Glad you made it.

Princess Fee said...

Congrats on that 8-miler - you will be at that 10 before Labor Day before you know it!!

And I'm with you - I don't run in the cold! lol