Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Things, Bad Things

I just finished spending a wonderful week at the beach in NC with my family -- mom, my husband Dwain, sister & her family, and brother and his family. Just my dad was missing this year -- but we saw a few signs he sent from heaven to let us know he was still with us in spirit.

Anyway, it was a good week, hanging on the beach, playing games, lounging at the pool, and just being with each other.

Now the bad. I was very lame about exercise. No gym time, no biking. Just two days of two-mile runs. Lame.

I've come to realize that I'm basically a physically lazy person, who keeps trying to be an athlete!

And it's time to try a little harder!


Amanda said...

You're not lazy...Look at everything you've accomplished. The fact that you took a break while on vacation is understandable and be proud of yourself for getting those two runs in - that proves your not lazy. Believe in yourself, you're doing just fine!

Chris said...

I agree with Amanda, you're are definitely not lazy! Sure, we all lack motivation from time to time, but instead of depressing us, we use it to get us going...right?

Remember to find some kind of joy in your workouts (even if it's just the happiness you get when you're done ;-)), and that will keep ya going.

Princess Fee said...

You are definitely not lazy and you are definitely an athlete!! Everyone needs a break now and then...I agree with Amanda and Chris!

I have a friend who has ran for many years, several half and full marathons, and she takes breaks of 2-3 months a year before starting her running again. And I still look at her and think runner! So taking some time off is natural and nothing wrong with that.

Matt said...

Ditto to everyone else. You are not lazy! If anything, you're an inspiration to genuine lazy people like me! Keep it up girl!

Jeff W. said...

Two days and Two Milers? Hey that's motivation to me. Especially when you are on vacation. Nice job.

Rae! said...

Don't worry you are doing great and you will get back out there.