Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seven The Hard Way

My goal this past weekend was to run 7 miles. I really need to get up to 10 by Labor Day, before winter sets in up here in Michigan.

So I mentally prepared Friday night, but didn't have a good night's sleep. When I got up Saturday I really wanted to blow it off, but I didn't. Why? All week I had been visualizing getting the 7 miles done, as well as telling myself that this was really an exercise in mental toughness.

So off I went, about 30 minutes later than I planned, but I thought I could still get done before the heat got bad.

I did manage my 7 miles, and most of it was not too bad -- not much runner's high -- but not bad. My mental toughness was tested around mile four -- was all ready to quit, but didn't. And of course, that last mile seven was tough, but that's always the case for the last mile anyway!

So, the good news. I did it and it was a good mental workout. The bad news, this coming weekend I have to run 8!!


Princess Fee said...

Fantastic that you got out there - am very proud of you for getting up and getting out, and doing a fantastic 7 miles!! :)

You can do the 8 no problem this weekend - I have every faith in you!

Chris said...

I do the same thing, building up my long run in my mind all week. I tell ya, it's harder to skip when you do that or you'll feel pretty awful about it.

Great job on the 7, especially since you fought so hard to achieve it! Obstacles overcome is the greatest way to measure your performance on a run...if you just go out and do it without issue...you're probably not pushing yourself hard enough. Or at least that's what I tell myself. :-)

Amanda said...

Way to go! I could use some of your mental toughness because I did blow off my six miler last week...Then felt guilty all day.

You'll do just fine on your 8 miler this weekend. Keep on getting out there while you can :).