Tuesday, October 7, 2008

West End Boo Boo

So I opened one of my Disney travel guides to a random page to blog about, and lo and behold I landed on the Pleasure Island and West Side pages! Really, it was totally random.

When PI first opened there was a restaurant there named the Fireworks Factory, down on the east end. I think it was pretty good -- and the decor was sort of like eating in the Muppets attraction -- red brick and holes in the walls from fireworks explosions.

I also remember the country music club, Wild Horse something or another? I have a beer cup from there. It was cool and popular for awhile, especially when line dancing was popular.

Now, on to the West Side. I'll tell you an embarrassing story about Bongos, Gloria Estefan's cuban restaurant. We had eaten there, and were walking outside, and there were some little kiosks/booths there that were selling trinkets that I started looking at.

Well, there was a cuban-looking guy in a white suit with a white panama hat also hanging out there. Thinking he was "streetmosphere," I said a few things to him and might have tossed out the name Ricky Ricardo. Unfortunately, he did not react like streetmosphere, and I quickly realized my mistake! He WASN'T streetmosphere!!!!

Clearly West Side was not quite as "Disney-fied" as the Studios!

Also at West Side is DisneyQuest, which I really like. We don't do it every trip, but it can be a fun place to spend a few hours. Does anyone remember that when it first opened, there was a tunnel slide that ran from the top floor down to the bottom, with maybe one stop in the middle? I was never brave enough to try it before they took it out -- it was way too dark and hard to know how fast you would end up going.

I also liked the remote control jeeps on the bottom floor. The glass floor is still there, but the jeeps all eventually wore out -- they just removed them instead of putting money back into them.

Also on the West Side is Cirque du Soleil. Love it! Love it! Love it! If you ever get a chance to see it, do. It's a beautiful, artistic, imaginative show -- well worth the time and money.

That's it for my thoughts on pages 186 and 187!


Rae! said...

Hey I never did PI,but we went to Disney Quest for the first time the beginning of this year. Love it.

So how are you doing?? I saw over on Jonathan's blog you're needing help with food. Can I help??

We all struggle with food. We want to make the best choices all the time and a lot of the time we don't. I sure know that. ;)
If I can help let me know!!!!

Chris said...

I do recall the fireworks place and most of how PI used to be...haven't done anything other than walk down the west side area. Do plan to check out Quest and Cirque at some point in years to come! Maybe use the babysitting service when the kids get a little older. :-)