Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Less Crazy

Tuesday was a chilly morning in Orlando, so we bundled up and headed over to AK. Did the safari first, and saw hippos, black and white rhinos. Our truck had to stop for a giraffe to cross the road! We also saw one of the baby giraffes, and the baby elephant. I even saw an ostrich for the first time in a long time.

But the best was both cheetahs, each sitting up on a boulder in the sun, pretty close to the road! They just sat there, majestic and beautiful in the sun! We've seen them before, but always up in the trees way back in their area. It was an amazing sight!

(We also had a great driver. I need to write a letter about her and our France waiter.)

Then on to Everest for some fast passes. Then we headed to Rafiki's Planet Watch (or Conservation Station, as we still call it.) We haven't been up there for awhile, so it was nice to visit again. I got a picture with Pochahantas, who was hanging out up there with Rafiki. Also some great little reptiles and amphibians in various exhibits. Then we popped outside (still chilly) to see what was in the Affection Section. Lots of goats and two miniature donkeys that were doing all they could to convince their keepers that they wanted to get back inside their stalls! But back to the goats. There were a few kids who were sitting down on the ground, with goats' heads in their laps taking naps!

A little handwashing and a short train ride, and then we headed to the tiger trail. I never get tired of looking at those big cats!

And then on to the bird show, which I insisted Dwain see for the first time. It really is a great, great show. Some humor, and some eco-inspiration. See it next time you're there!

After that, it was time for Everest -- which was almost too much for me! Don't ask me about the Yeti, because my eyes were closed pretty much starting at the backwards section, and until we got close to the end! Wow!

We were planning to head to the Rainforest bar to eat lunch, but decided to check Yak & Yeti since we were walking by. Lo and behold we walked right in at 12:30 with no ADR. Food was good, building was amazing!

A little shopping on our way out of AK, then back to the hotel to rest, do a little packing and get ready for dinner -- and the Mouse Guest Experience/ AATM Giraffe Hunt meet.

After dinner, we bundled up again and headed to the AK Lodge. We had a great turnout, maybe about 20 or so. We chatted for awhile in the lobby and then headed downstairs. Don't tell Jonathan, but the only thing on the savannah was one hooved animal laying down and some birds! I think Bryan's going to put some of the recording up on the podcast.

Then up to the warmth of the bar, and some more chatting and hanging out. If you weren't there for this, rest assured you'll get to enjoy the company in January when we all meet for the race!

All that was left was some late night packing and early morning packing for me, and I headed off on Magical Express to come back to Michigan -- where the temp is only a little colder than Florida was!

Dwain is continuing his vacation solo for another two days. He'll hit Rock N Roller and Thunder Mtn again -- and who knows what else!


Jeff said...

Thanks for the report Deb. You just missed Chris who is down there right now. Looking forward to getting down there and seeing you and everyone else soon.

Basil said...

Great trip report!! A little over two months and I can get my fix!! said...

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your trip updates here.