Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Disney

Hi everyone! Although it's a short trip for me, and I did not intend to cram a lot in while I was here, it's been a little crazy -- like all Disney trips can be!

I arrived on Sunday afternoon, took Magical Express to the Boardwalk, dumped my stuff and walked over to the Studios to meet my husband Dwain.

We had a nice, enjoyable stroll around DHS, rode Star Tours and watched the Muppets. We also kept looping by Toy Story Mania to check the wait time - generally around 90-120 minutes. He did not want to stand in line for that long. But I finally convinced him later in the evening -- and he loved it of course!!

On Monday, we popped over to Epcot and ate and drank around the Food and Wine Festival with the Mouse Guest gang. It was a nice leisurely stroll on a sunny day. Bryan, Dustin and Marissa were there to represent the Mouseketeers. (And aside from the Mango Mousse, it didn't kill my Weight Watchers points for the day!)

Dwain and I had an early dinner at France, and had a wonderful waiter who I chatted with using my high school French! He was great -- I'm going to write a letter about him to WDW! It's one of my husband's favorite Disney restaurants, and we denoted it as his official birthday dinner -- without the hoopla -- he hates hoopla -- I love hoopla! His birthday is October 31, yes, Halloween.

After that, we hopped the monorail over to MK which was going to be open until 11. We met Rae, her husband Eric, their friends from England and Bryan. We all rode Space Mtn first, then the England crew headed back to the hotel. The five us continued a leisurely, Florida night stroll around MK. After Space, we stopped at Mrs. Potts for my traditional choc/van swirl cone. Then on to Haunted, Thunder and Pirates. We wanted to do Jungle Cruise also, but it was closed.

Then we headed to the Partners statue -- another tradition of mine -- I always have to say thank-you and goodbye to Walt and Mickey on my last MK night. We also lucked out and saw the goodnight kiss from the castle, which I had never seen before.

And then we headed down Main Street to our buses -- standing room only, of course -- and back to the hotel to collapse!

I work out, I run -- how can my legs be so tired and achey after a Disney day?!!!!??


Rae! said...

I had a lot of fun with everyone last night. It was great meeting your husband. He is so cute!!!
I learned so much about Dl last night. I can't wait to start planning. See you tonight!!!

Chris said...

Jealous...all I can say :-)